Meme Coin Predictive Analysis for March 30, 2022

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu once again disrupts the cryptocurrency market with a strong comeback on the scene in March. Since the lowest trading point in March, SHIB has gained around 30%, which caused an immediate reaction among whales that started actively moving their funds. Shiba Inu’s price should have investors delighted as the price has broken out in a pure impulsive fashion. SHIB enthusiasts have multiple reasons to believe in future gains. Shiba Inu price continues to develop bullish confluence. Shiba Inu’s price is trading at $0.0000275 and showing no signs of weakness.

  • Resistance levels- $0.00003, and $0.000033
  • Support levels are $0.000025 and $0.00002

Doge Analysis

DOGE experienced strong dip-buying when its price crashed to levels around $0.10 two weeks ago, resulting in a 30% rebound move to $0.14 as of March 27. Meanwhile, the coin‘s upside retracement originated at a support level that constitutes a “falling wedge” setup, signaling an extended bullish reversal in the weekly sessions ahead.

  • Resistance levels- $0.15 and $0.2
  • Support levels are $0.12 and $0.12

Floki Inu

Bullish sentiment is back as Floki inu got featured on article. is one of the top centralized crypto exchanges. Concerning all indicators, it seems that the accumulation period of Floki is over and it is about to have a bullish momentum to the upside. The MACD indicator lines show a bullish crossover above the neutral zone, projecting a buy signal.

  • Resistance levels- $0.000045 and $0.00005
  • Support levels-$0.00003 and $0.000027

Will Smith Inu

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscar Awards. The crypto community created a token dedicated to the event, and it soared hours later. It was available for trading on some DEXes, such as Uniswap, and its price had soared by 10,000% at one point. According to CoinMarketCap, it retraced after yesterday’s peak but is still trading around $0.00000045. The total supply is set at 1,000,000,000,000. Nevertheless, there are multiple warnings on Twitter indicating that this is the next trendy rug pull, and users should be wary before investing in it.


Crypto fear and greed index hits ‘Greed’ for the first time in 4 months.



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